Small Group Orkney - A Fully Guided 4 Hour West Mainland Adventure - 2020 Dates

  • May 4 - Oct 2, 2020

  • Kirkwall Travel Centre Stand 8/9
    Kirkwall Travel Centre, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1GU, United Kingdom


This is a fully guided, four-hour opportunity to experience some of Orkney's amazing treasures. Cost INCLUDES ALL ENTRANCE CHARGES. During your tour you will visit three of the key elements of Orkney’s UNESCO World Heritage protected Heart of Neolithic Orkney - 1. The Ring of Brodgar  2. Stones of Stenness 3. Skara Brae. 


En route you will also visit the spectacular clifftops at Yesnaby and enjoy a wide range of panoramic views around the West Mainland of Orkney. 


It was once said that if you scratch the surface of Orkney it “bleeds archaeology”. This tour of the West Mainland of Orkney visits the Heart of Neolithic Orkney spending time first at two spectacular stone circles. The Stones of Stenness are fewer in number but thin in profile and tower over us, the Ring of Brodgar, on the other hand are larger in number, bulkier but shorter and positioned dramatically in the landscape surrounded by the distant hills under an open sky. Placed there in the Neolithic, some 5000 years ago, you may well find yourself in awe of those who constructed these monuments so long ago. And then, to place that awe in perspective, you visit Skara Brae, a village of the same time period - situated on the dramatic Atlantic coast - a village lost for millennia before it was uncovered in a storm. That it survives at all is an astonishing thing, situated as it is on an eroding coast with rising, stormy seas threatening it every winter. Once again you may find yourself in awe of those who lived there.


Our professional guide will be with you to explain, help you understand what you are seeing and to answer your questions throughout.


This tour can often be linked with a corresponding four hour tour of the East Mainland of Orkney running on the same day. Price includes all entrance charges. Tour order may vary. 

Venue Details
Kirkwall Travel Centre Stand 8/9
Kirkwall Travel Centre, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1GU, United Kingdom
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